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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  June 7, 2011 1:35am-2:10am PDT

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. you're watching cbs 5 eyewitness news in high definition. they killed my baby, and -- they killed -- my soul too. >> her baby son, shot and killed tonight. she shares her grief. and the message she has for parents who have kids out of control. fishermen say they never saw anything like it. what they say the weird, rainy weather is doing to the bay. he is in jail for murder, and now he wants taxpayers to turn him into a woman. tonight, why doctors say it is a good idea. good evening, i'm ken pastida. and i'm dana king. a bay area mother is filled with grief. >> she, her husband and two
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children were driving home from a baby shower in east palo alto this weekend, when police say a teenager opened fire. more on the mom's message. >> reporter: this is the sound of a mother who just lost her baby. >> i don't know. >> reporter: lopez managed to shield her four-year-old son from the bullet, but she couldn't save her three month- old. >> i tried to protect them as soon as i heard the gunfire. i protected the four-year-old with my body. and i tried -- i thought that i had protected my baby in the car seat. but one of the bullets went into his head. i didn't even realize it. i saw him crying, and i was -- i saw him bleeding from his head. i took him out of the car seat and he had a hole in his head. >> reporter: police say the 17- year-old suspect who was arrested wants revenge. he was beaten up by the gang members in redwood city last
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week. this was a case of identity gone wrong. this family has nothing to do with gangs. >> these -- guys came into our lives to destroy it. they destroyed my family. they killed my baby, and -- they killed part of my soul -- of my soul. too. >> reporter: what she barely mentions is that she was shot in the leg while trying to protect her children. her husband is still in the hospital. and while she is hurting from the physical pain, it is nothing in comparison to her raw emotion. she doesn't hide it in front of the cameras, because she has a message. >> i don't know where their parents were at. i don't know, but i -- i definitely -- have to say to their parents, to pay attention to the other kids if they have any. be involved in their kids' lives. pay attention to them.
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give them love. because if they don't know, they will find it on the streets. and they hang out with the wrong people, and they end up being killers. destroying families. >> reporter: it is a story that has affected even veteran officers. a young family, destroyed in a second. and with no explanation about why this baby was taken. so quickly, and so violently. >> we haven't done anything bad to anybody. to anybody. i am a normal citizen. my husband is too. we don't know anybody. i don't know why they picked on us. >> reporter: the husband has broken bones, that is why he is still in the hospital tonight. the four-year-old doesn't have a scratch, but his mother says he is extremely filled with trauma because he saw it all happen in front of him. police are still looking for
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the suspects and are offering a $25,000 reward. they say they already have a lot of the community to help them, and are hoping for more help. >> have they recovered weapons? >> yes, they have arrested two different people. and the first person is being held for a weapons charge, highly the second one is being held for murder. >> all right, let's hope somebody in the community comes forward with more information. thank you for that. the case of michelle le, the nursing student who has not been seen for a week and a half has gone from a missing concern's case to a homicide investigation. elizabeth cook has more from hayward. >> reporter: dana investigators say they believe they have enough evidence to conclude that michelle le was murdered. and they believe that somebody on purpose went after her. the family left the police station in tears after learning of new developments. michelle has not been seen for 11 days since leaving the
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parking lot of kaiser permanente in hayward. her abandoned car was found nearby. now the police returned to the home of michelle esteban, who is considered a person of interest. giselle had a falling out with her, she had been friends with her since high school. she said that michelle had an affair with her ex-husband. >> because michelle had an affair with her ex, and that was a cause of grief for her. she didn't say grief, but that is what i interpret. >> reporter: he also said that giselle told him she didn't have anything to do with michelle's disappearance. other people in the area say the police left with a few grocery bags filled with items from her apartment. police won't go into any specifics, but they do say that they have come to the conclusion that michelle was
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murdered, after looking at evidence and materials from the the garage. and the reward from any information on the whereabouts of michelle has grown to $60,000. and in a facebook page, dedicated to finding michelle, le's family say they do believe she is still alive. >> all right, elizabeth cook in hayward thank you. and there has been another violent attack on a popular walking and jogging trail. this time on a good samaritan who was trying to help a woman who was being bothered. it happened on the delta trail in pittsburgh. julia goodrich has more. >> reporter: this is the trail in pitsburgh, with curfew going until 5:00. police say that past curfew at 10:45 at night, a woman was held against her will by three suspects. a good samaritan tried to help her, and the suspects then told him "don't try to be a hero,
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just go home." the suspects then grabbed the good samaritan, kicking him several times and even stabbed him. and just last week, a man was shot along the trail, the victim reportedly approached by four men on the trail. words were exchanged and then the victim was shot. so what has happened to the trail in your mind? is it just not safe? >> yeah, i wouldn't recommend anybody walk on it. >> it is like so long, and there are like no houses where you can run to if somebody does attack you. >> reporter: pittsburgh police say there have been several incidents last month along the trail. they are stepping up patrols and hope that anybody with information will come up with information on the attacks. >> other headlines now, we learned what may have started the house fire that killed two san francisco firefighters last week. the family that lived in the home say that sparks from the
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vacuum cleaner started the curtains on fire. investigators won't confirm it. and representatives from the labor union parked an suv and draped it with a banner. they are willing to talk about salaries and benefits with san jose's budget problems but want to talk before the city council decides on wording for a ballot measure to ask voters to weigh in on pension reform. and jobs temporarily talked about at a developer's conference in san francisco. it stores your music and documents on the servers. jobs looked particularly thin and frail, and as soon as he took stage, stocks started to drop. and bay area population,
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the sturgeon population is booming here. wait until you see what was found. >> reporter: a nearly six foot long sturgeon hitting the dock, as word gets out about the big fish biting here, the fishermen and crew are making a little trip here. >> call the captain, and let's go out for fun. >> reporter: one source says he has had his best fishing day. >> i caught sturgeon, the stingrays, the striped bass. >> reporter: as he tells it, the fish almost ran into his boat. >> all of a sudden i let go, trying to let go of the fish just pulled into the boat. i had another one, turned out to be a 62-incher i just caught on the line. >> reporter: that is the kind of fish story that gets the interest of people like dave howell. >> i talked to a guy yesterday who hooked three of them. so i thought well, i have a
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boat. maybe i ought to get in on this. >> here i go. >> reporter: the sturgeon expert and author owns the bait shop. >> well, the sturgeon fishing in recent months has been as good as we have ever seen it in the 40 years that we have been here. >> reporter: frazier who is friends with a great blue heron, and other birds has given some thought to the fishing in the area. >> we preach catch and release here at our shop. the rule on my boat is no more than one sturgeon together. >> reporter: not everybody agrees on why there is so many sturgeon, the fishermen claim it is all the rain. in san rafael, cbs 5. i haven't told the truth? i have done things i deeply regret. he finally has come clean about his lewd twitter picture.
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but the congressman admitted he has done it for years. >> you want the taxpayers to say you committed a murder? >> the man wants a sex change operation, how inmates can make those requests, and why prisons may be forced to comply. and check this out. take a look at the doppler radar. and we do not have any rain right now. the day the ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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new york congressm that, a story: . you know that story he has been telling, right? well today a new york congressman said it was exactly that. a story. >> last friday night i tweeted a photograph of myself that i intended to send as a direct message as part of a joke to a woman in seattle. once i realized i had posted it to twitter, i panicked, took it down and said that i had been hacked. i then continued with that story to stick to the story which was a usually regrettable mistake. this woman was accidentally dragged into it and bears absolutely no responsibility. i am so sorry to have disrupted her life in this way. to be clear the picture was of me, and i sent it. >> the congressman also said he has exchanged sexually strong pictures with women over the years, he says he never met the women or had sexual relationships with him. he says he will not resign over
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this or split up with his wife. hotel workers gathered in uniform today to send a message to a financial leader accused of attacking one of their own. dominique strauss-kahn appeared in court today at his arraignment, the french politician and former head of the imf pleaded not guilty to multiple criminal accounts, including attempted rape. sources tell them that the dna was found on the maid's hotel uniform. but his strategy will be that any sex is agreed to. his attorney says his client will testify. if convicted he faces 25 years in jail. and the california prison system is by many accounts a mess. it is so over crowded that the
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supreme court ordered them to cut their inmate numbers. also at issue is a sex change operation for one inmate. more on a story from april. one family was so upset by that report that they asked to be heard. >> when i first heard that i was just sitting there thinking is he talking about my mom? >> reporter: renee and mcwilliams thought they put their mother's murder behind them, when they put lyralisa stevens behind bars. >> i said that is him, that is him. >> reporter: yes, him, 42-year- old lyralisa stevens was born a man, but lives as a woman. and is no stranger to headlines, the first 11 one years ago, when he used a shot gun to murder bonnie lewis over
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a $400 clothing debt. stevens is now serving 50 years to life, and that is why she is making headlines again. because stevens is asking the court to mandate 50,000 be shelled out for sex surgery, arguing that she entered prison with silicon hips and breasts, and being built slightly, she is under threat of physical abuse. surgery would allow stevens to be transferred to a women's prison. >> it was totally wrong for you to take a person's mother from them. and then still want special privileges, whatever you get you deserve it. >> what lyralisa stevens has been getting behind bars is at the heart of this case. since 2003, the state of california has been spending more than a thousand a year for
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hormone treatments for stevens. now add that up by many, and they are all receiving it, receiving treatment in vacaville. it is shocking, so we sat down with those who treated these transgender inmates, saying it is a disorder, medical. so hormone treatment is necessary. >> i would say it is medically necessary in the same way that breast reconstruction may be medically necessary for a woman who had surgery. >> reporter: the doctor treated more than 400 trans gender enmates, believing the state created this incident. >> well it is difficult to say, you're transitioned, we'll allow you to do that up to a certain point, but up to that point it is not considered medically necessary. >> reporter: in fact we found court documents showing a doctor now on staff with the department recommended the surgery for stevens, saying
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that srs would have improved outcomes. this former inmate says she was once in steven's shoe. >> i went to prison to pay my debt to society, not to go to prison to be raped. that shouldn't be a part of the prison sentence. >> reporter: she describes the predators as other inmates. >> they don't give you special consideration for your safety. that is a big issue. >> reporter: and she claims the medical staff withholds hormone injections out of spite. >> they can basically veto anything an outside doctor says, you have to fight tooth and nail. >> reporter: but some in the prison system think it is all out of hand. >> i think it is kind of ridiculous, particularly the amount of money it will cost the taxpayers to do this type of surgery. >> reporter: joe bowman has been a guard for years, saying that the transgenders are using this incident as hormone activity. >> the fact that they violated
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it on purpose, they come back to get medical treatment. >> reporter: the state declined an on-camera interview. but in court, documents argue that steven's care is adequate and meets constitutional standards, making the sex reassignment surgery unnecessary. lewis 's children couldn't agree more. >> you want the taxpayers to pay for your surgery, after you committed a murder? i don't think so. >> reporter: robert liles, cbs 5. >> and as robert mentioned the >> and as robert mentioned the case is ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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♪ i may be mud, but i have standards. mops? please. some of them have bacteria. ♪ and they try to pick me up? ew. i'm really hard to get. uh! ♪ what about love?! [ male announcer ] swiffer attracts dirt. used mops can grow bacteria. swiffer wetjet's antibacterial solution eliminates 99%9% of bacteria that mops can spread around. i like your pad! [ male announcer ] swiffer cleans better than a mop or your money back. thanks, . good evening, currently 55 degrees at at&t park. dennis o'donnell with all the action, tim lincecum and the giants, earlier today temperatures were below average for this time of year, 15 degrees for the north in santa rosa, otherwise, seven-15
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degrees, the areas affected by the cloud cover, obviously the coolest. tomorrow, we'll see less rain out of the forecast, we'll start out on the gray side with cloud cover, even fog at the sea shore. now for your morning commute, numbers in the 40, 50s, you can leave the umbrella at home. but for the 7th day of june, you require the jacket. this is interesting. area of low pressure, watch this, moving to the northeast. but there, right behind it is a weak layer of trough -- right now it is roughly between a thousand and 1500 feet deep. so temperatures with the cloud cover, the 50s, and the beaches, the 40s in the inland areas. to the north of the golden gate bridge, we are affected by the marine layer, 56 in stenson beach, and 45 degrees for the outside number, in sonoma, 73 in concord with the sunshine. but really remain partly cloudy, and west winds 10-15 miles per hour along the coast.
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keeping it channel completely there in the 50s, low 70s across the valley. still a good seven and eight degrees below normal. check this out, we have a full seven-day forecast with no rain in the offing. so the warmest day will be on thursday, approaching 80 degrees inland. that is ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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new head coa . no experience, no problem for the golden state warriors who named mark jackson as their
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new coach, he gets a three-year deal worth 6 million. he is currently a tv analyst for abc, and never coached basketball, taking over the warrior team. it may help to learn how to pronounce the owner's name. >> i tell you what, the management, he did an outstanding job of interviewing. in the entire process they have been sincere and honest. >> and they fall to beat baylor, and advance to the ncaa super regionals, meanwhile, tim lincecum the first to strike out a thousand batters in his first four years, but the offense bails him out in the 8th. nate schierholtz does it again, tying the game at four. can i have a live update please? 4-4 in the 13th inning, still going at it out at at&t. a's in baltimore, gonzales
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giving up four runs in 7 innings. nick markakis, making it 4-0, baltimore, rosales starts at third base, the lone bright spot, but the a's lose their 7th straight, 4-2, what is in a name? oakland gets vanderbilt pitcher, sunny gray, sounds more like a weather caster, and the giants shortstop, joe panik. and head hits the ice, good news, could move all limbs. and mark retke had two of them, the canucks lose, but still lead that series 2 games to 1. and the nfl fix, only 20 players in attendance for what they're calling camp alex smith. the 49ers quarterback banned media from the workout. according to josh morgan, nearly the entire offense,
2:08 am
including michael crabtree, was there, of course no contact with the head coach, it was a lockout, so smith becauses the de -- def act o head coach. >> we did everything today, it was like a practice today. i'm going to go back home, and try out for the washington wizards. >> yeah, we're getting closer and closer to the cut off point, exhibition season here on cbs 5. we'll see. >> interesting, i guess alex took control. >> yes, he was aggressive, he will speak for the first ,,,,,,,
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